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    @Pwebster25, I tried many finishes including  Petit  and Total Boat. I finally found the right material and application by accident because it was all I could find from my local marine retailer. I used Epiphanes mixed 2:1 with their thinner (that’s the key- thinning just a bit or it will sag terribly- beautiful finish, but honey-like consistency makes it sag). Then I applied with a roller and tipped with a foam brush. The finish was clean, leveled well,  and was very lustrous. I have a few flaws I need to clean up now after learning from past mistakes, but I figured I would use it this season (maiden voyage) then do a refinish coat over the fall/winter. The faster drying stuff gives you less working time so if you find a drip and you go to clean it up, it disturbs the finish that has already flashed and creates more work for you once it cures. I know the longer drying time gets risky with bugs and dust, but for me, it was worth it to extend the working time on such a large surface area! Also, 3-4 quarts is just about right. One quart per coat.  Good luck- I’m sure it will be beautiful once completed.


    Thanks, Dan and Kim.  Both of your responses were really helpful. I ordered 2 quarts of varnish.  Hopefully that will do it for the TD and box.  I’m painting my self-made ICC under it with black marine paint.

Viewing 2 posts - 91 through 92 (of 92 total)
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