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    Sorry I have not updated my headliner “story”. I have not figured out how to post multiple pics in one post but in words this is what I did:

    1.  I found some nylon push in connectors at Ace Hardware.

    2. I tested and found the size hole that they would go into and still come out with a prying motion.

    3. I cut many 1 inch squares out of scrap plywood about 3/8″ thick and named them “receivers”.

    4. I glued those squares to the inside of the td cabin.

    5. I bought the radiant barrier (on Amazon NASA TECH FOAM CORE REFLECTIVE).

    6. I cut it to resemble the pattern of the interior

    7. I glued some cool fabric I had to it…. finally finding a use for some really cool fabric! (3m spray adhesive…do not skimp and follow the directions)

    8. Starting at the bottom, I made small holes in the fabric/insulation pieces and pushed the nylon connectors through the holes into the receivers.

    The picture shown is the assembly from the back.  It worked!

    Ray will post pics on Instagram related to the headliner… We are Mockturtle2.






Viewing 2 posts - 46 through 47 (of 47 total)

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