Reply To: Electrical Installation


Installing the stereo and the heater today.  Yup, heater.  Found a 300 watt 12V ceramic heater.  Did a test, it draws right at 20 amps, so with a 75 amp/hour battery I should get 3 hours out of it, give or take.  Not great but will be nice for knocking the chill off, and I suspect the small cabin volume will mean I won’t have to run it for more than maybe 20 minutes at a time, maybe less.

So, cutting big ol’ holes for the speakers and generating mounts for the head unit.  Looked hard at the round gauge style radios and went with a single-DIN conventional unit.  Mounting isn’t that hard and mucho better features.  Doing Polk Audio 6 1/2″ cabin speakers and 4″ galley speakers.  I’ll use the front/rear fader controls to route sound inside or outside as needed.