Reply To: 5×8 Trailer Questions


Does the teardrop fit between the fenders?

TDC measures about 66″ across (per the manual)
How does the door align with the wheels/fenders?

You can mount the shell to the trailer wherever it makes the most sense.  I would think that you would position the shell a little more forward than a 4×8.
How high off the ground is the back kitchen area ledge with this trailer?

Since the Northern Tool website doesn’t list the height of the bed, I am going to go by some of the other posts on this forum.  12″ tires means approx that the base of the galley is about 42″ high.  See post #579
Like the HF trailer, it says its max speed is 45 mph, is this them just covering their butts?

I noticed this too.  When I talked to the salesman at Northern Tool – he said that these tires are rated for 75MPH.  I told him about the rating on the website and they reconfirmed the 75MPH.  I didn’t ask for documentation.

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