Reply To: Glass taping "hot" fillets


Yes the cross weave ends of 3″ tape just want to unravel.  Its a big pain in the butt. Thatsnone reason I’ve always hated 3″ 9oz tape and have made my own biaxial tape for many of my projects. This is how I deal with it: stroke very lightly with the squeegee across the tape at the ends trying not to start the unweaving process. Likewise when rolling the tape up, try not to handle the very end. When unrolling over the fillet don’t smooth with your trailing hand pinky over the ends. Use very light strokes, the glass just wants to fall in place.  If you do get a strand unweaving gently coax it out over the flat floor or panel and leave it be, then once cured go back with a file and file it off the flat surface. If you can get it to sort of stand up above the surface that makes it even easier to file away after cure. Don’t leave  the strand over the end of the tape or in the fillet where it will be hard as granite to sand out